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Ceramics by Anna Synodinou

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Hi everybody , my name is Anna ,,,
I grew up in Central Africa in a luxuriant nature which developed in me a great sensibility and a passion for colors .
After my studies in Paris , and some travelling , I definitely turned to ceramics . I was lucky enough to learn and practice the art of glazes with Helena Klug who has been taught by Bernard Leach .
Finally , I decided to move back to my roots with my girls in this beautiful greek island by the name of Amorgos , where I opened my workshop .
I feel very privileged and thankful to live this life as a ceramist working with the four fundamental elements : Earth , Air , Water , and Fire .
Every piece is unique and only made in one copy. The stoneware is burned in a gas kiln at a temperature between 1260-1300. I makes all the glazers myself using olive tree ashes for example. I use also reduction fire with different combination of oxides in glazers, which can have as a base either chalk, felt spat or talc.
I choose to fire objects without glazer. Then i use different techniques to mixing two or three varieties of clay to create or decorate.

Anna Synodinou


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